First step: Just about all carriers require a certificate from the veterinarian on the health and immunization status of your pet.

If you have ever been to the travel section of your pet supplies store, you probably know something about the sheer variety of stuff that they make and sell to make traveling with your pet easier. These products can be lifesavers when carrying your pets on airlines,.

For instance, consider BowZer Bags – waste collection bags, should your pet need to go before you check him in. These are self-sealing bags that you can keep handy for your entire trip. Once you collect your pet at the other end, you’ll still need these bags when you’re going around.

For pets that are easily frightened, ask your veterinary clinic about a mild sedative to take the edge off. Try it at the boarding kennel or animal hospital before travel to see what dosage works best.

Taking pets on airlines can be an exercise in finding out how good you are at following instructions. Because the airlines have very strict rules on how exactly you need prepare your pet. For instance, they can be extremely particular about the pet carrier that you put your pet in. If he’s a small pet, they’ll allow you to carry him with you in the cabin. For this, you have to come with your pet in a readymade airline-approved soft pet carrier with ventilation. Companies like Sherpa and Bergan make high-quality airline-approved soft pet carriers that’ll fit right under your seat.

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Does it occur to you that your pet can be as cold on a flight as you can be when you ask for a blanket? You really need a pet warming blanket like the Precision Pet SnooZZy Flat Mat Pet Bed on a flight.

When you’re carrying your pet on board on a long flight, your pet will need water. Well, you can’t just let him take a drink out of some bottle. You’ll need an airline-approved water container – something by a company like Lixit. It’s a bottle with a special tip that allows your dog a little lick whenever he should need it.

Larger pets on airlines have to be checked in. And airlines just won’t take your pet unless you bring him in a proper airline-approved kennel. You can usually not go wrong with with a major airline approved brand like Petmate.

If you’re checking your pet in as petcargo, you have to take him to the pet cargo area that they have at every airport. But often, this area isn’t clearly marked. You need to ask when you’re making your reservation where in the airport the pet cargo area is and how early you have to show up to check him in. If you’re taking a connecting flight, the airport people at the connecting airport will feed your pet. But if you would like your pet to be fed what you usually feed him, make sure that you put some in a plastic bag and tape it to the pet carrier.

Wherever you take the pet on a long trip, make sure that you give him veterinarian prescribed calming medicine. The make stuff for this – like Rescue Remedy for Pets. This is a product you just cannot do without.