Guys the best place for software engineers to look out for rent is Marathalli. Because near marathalli there are many software companies. So it will be easy for you to commute to office daily. If you are working for major IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro, SAP, Accenture etc, then it is better for you to stay in areas near these companies and marathalli is the best place to live in.

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But there is one big problem in marathalli. It is water. Yes, there is less source of water in and near marathalli. Hence people go for water tankers. Each and every apartment in marathalli gets water from water tankers. Due to this do not go for high end apartments. Just find 1 bhk house for rent in bangalore marathahalli and settle for it. Rent is also cheaper and you will avoid the commute time too.

Marathalli is also good place to stay. There are many shopping malls, movie theatre’s & hotels here. There are lots of options for youngsters to have fun and hangout. Due to this students who have recently got jobs and who are still single prefer to live in marathalli. Places such as whitefield and electronic city are well connected to Marathalli.

Should you want to go forward and make an provide, the realtor will maintain your hand by means of the entire procedure. He will fill out the offer form for you and discuss to you about problems you should contain (for example a residence inspection clause and/or a finance clause) and advise you about the cost to be supplied. He will have carried out comparisons on homes offered not too long ago in the location to make confident that the value you offer you is a very good one particular but maybe not as higher as the seller would like. It is all about market price at the beginning of negotiations. He will also recommend you as to the amount of the deposit examine essential to accompany the offer. The realtor will go back and forth among you and the vendor until finally the offer is completed to your fulfilment.