If one desires to retrieve some Idaho Birth Records, one must be able to establish his or her relationship to the person whose name appears in the birth certificate. One must be able to prove that he or she is a direct relative or else access to the said report will be denied. One must be directly related to the person named on the birth decree. One must be a parent, child, sibling, spouse, grandparent or grandchild in order to get a copy of a particular death record. One must also take note that aunts and uncles are not given access to such file.

The state of Idaho began collecting records of birth events in the year 1911. If the birth file you are looking for is dated way back from the above-mentioned year, then you can proceed with your inquiry in the county offices where the birth incident took place. Another option you have is to communicate with the Idaho State Historical Society. The said institution can provide you with microfilms which you can utilize to perform your search. Such agency maintains records of births between 1907 and 1911.


You can also check with the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistic. One should take note of the fact that the said office will only accept orders made via mail as on-site applications are not available. You can check online for the specific address where you can submit your request and the appropriate application form which you will have to use for your demand. The request form must be accomplished properly and a valid identification must also be submitted to the aforementioned agency. You must not forget to send-in your payment for the pertinent fees. A computer-generated copy of a birth record will cost you $13.00. However, if you want a duplicate of the original birth report, you will have to pay $18.00. Take note that these replicas are already certified copies so you don’t need to disburse additional fees for the certification. You can expect to receive the record you need within a week. But if you need to have them earlier, you can make use of their expedited service and pay an additional fee of $5.00.

For a faster processing of your demand, it is important that you clearly identify the type of document you want to recover. The form used in obtaining a birth decree is the same form that is being used in making request for other vital records. As such, it is essential that you complete the details required in the birth certificate order portion.

Once you are identified as a direct relative of the person named on the birth report, you can start your recovery of the said document by providing specific information about the paper you want. You need to write down the name of the person on the birth certificate, the date and place of birth and the complete name of the parents. You also need to provide your personal details so the record you need will be properly delivered to your end. Basic information about an Idaho Birth Certificate is also