I sometimes have people ask me if Medifast offers frozen meals for added convenience. They are often looking for a way to just have to pop a frozen meal in the microwave and be on their way. I might hear a comment like: “does Medifast offer anything that is frozen? If so, what type of meals can you buy? It would nice to only have to pull something out of the freezer and then heat it. I believe that this might make my life a little easier.”

As of this writing, there are no frozen offerings. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t use their own carefully chosen frozen options. I will talk about that more in a little while. But before I do, I want to stress that although the prepackaged meals aren’t offered as frozen options, what is offered is extremely convenient. If you have access to hot water and a microwave, then you likely already have what you need. And quite frankly, adding hot water that you can heat in the microwave takes just as much time as healing up a frozen meal.

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For example, the chili and the sloppy joe are not frozen, but all you have to do is to add hot water to them. Or, if you don’t have hot water, you add cold water and put them in the microwave for a bit. The same is true of the eggs and the macaroni and cheese (although I will admit that I like to over cook the macaroni and cheese or stick in the oven under the broil setting so it gets nice and crunchy.) So if you are looking for frozen meals thinking that it will make things more convenient, I don’t think this is necessary. The meals are very convenient as they are right now. And, there are plenty of foods on Medifast that you don’t need any assembly at all. If you are any in a hurry, many options are grab and go, including some of the snacks and meals. Just a few options are the apple crisps, the s’more crunch bar, and the nacho cheese puffs.

One area where you can make use of frozen foods is your lean and green meal. Some people who are eating a lean and green lunch and dinner will go so far as to carefully choose an appropriate frozen entree. Others will use frozen ready made meat (like fully cooked chicken breast) as well as frozen vegetables. I don’t see anything wrong with this. As long as you don’t choose options with sauces, this is just as healthy as using fresh options and it’s much more convenient. Others will use frozen veggie burgers or stir fries. This can make coming up with your lean and green meal much easier some days and it can give you more variety. But to answer the question posed, as of this writing, there is no frozen options from the best frozen food manufacturers melbourne. But many people use healthful frozen foods in order to meat their lean and green requirements.