Due to the increase in the number of identity theft cases in the state of California, specific laws were enacted on July 1, 2003 to prevent the misuse of vital files such as the San Benito County Death Notices. As such, the procedure in the procurement of said essential documents has changed. Only those persons who are authorized by laws can obtain authorized copies of death certificates. The general public on the other hand can receive certified informational copies instead.

Individuals can obtain copies of death records from the county clerk’s office or from the California Department of Public Health through its Health and Human Services Division. If you delve into the above-mentioned bureaus’ online facilities, you will come across the required request forms which one must accomplish in order to obtain the record one desires. One must bear in mind that citizens will only get two types of copies of a certain death decree. These are the authorized certified copies and the informational certified duplicates. There are specific individuals mentioned by state laws which are allowed to obtain the authorized replicas. These are those persons who are directly related to the person who passed away. So in order to get hold of an authorized copy, you must be a child, spouse or domestic partner of the registrant, grandparent, brother, sister, parent or legal guardian, a party authorized by a court order to receive such, a law enforcement personnel or a representative of another government office who are in the conduct of his or her official business or an individual as mentioned under the specific law. A complete list of qualified persons can also be viewed from the application form which you can download from the worldwide web.

For those who prefer to make a request via mail, it is important that you include a notarized statement along with your demand. The Certificate of Acknowledgment must be accomplished by a notary public or other officer to verify the identity of the person who signed the paper to which the said certificate is attached.

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A copy of a death certificate will cost you $21.00 and if you need an extra copy, you will be charged $21.00 for every additional duplicate. The acceptable modes of payment are through check or money order. You must also check for the processing period so you can manage your expectation regarding the amount of time you have to wait before you get hold of the document you want.

Using the worldwide web for your research needs has become a less time-consuming activity among the citizens. More often, you can make use of the various online service providers without any cost. But if you find yourself paying for a small price for the use of certain web resources, what you get to experience is a great value for your money. So for those who want to recover a particular San Benito County death certificate, you can check online for its availability and the proper agency you must approach in order to get the said document.