In anybody’s hunt for anything, there’s always an ideal place to start. With regard to carrying out a Florida Divorce Records search, an excellent location to go to is the county where the divorce was recorded in. If in case you’re unable to remember or are unfamiliar of the district of filing, seeking from one county to another or searching at the state archive may be a great idea in order to come across your needed data.

Documents for dissolution of marriages that occurred in Florida are available to any person in need. The Office of Vital Statistics of the state in Jacksonville maintains all recordings for this kind of event dated since June 1927. Previous files, though, are upheld by the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the break up was granted. Duplicates of these accounts are given to the applicant for $5 each, which can be paid through check or money order.

As a norm, divorce documentations in Florida are indexed under the name of the husband. They usually contain significant pieces of information, including the full names of the separating couple, date of filing and a certificate number or filing number. Furthermore, this sort of file may also reveal some crucial details regarding the couple’s offspring below the age of eighteen, causes for the separation, alimony, children custody, among others.

Retrieving the divorce account from any licensed public agencies of Florida can be a long process. This can be due to the lack of workers available and the quantity of orders these offices have to cater to everyday. The procedure may involve completing the correct request form with some necessary particulars such as the couple’s complete names, wife’s maiden name, time and place of filing for break up, reason for ordering and your contact data. Certain costs may be demanded and the waiting period can be longer than what’s anticipated.


With the multiplication of commercial service providers in the Internet nowadays, you do not need to undergo similar concerns again. In fact, getting one’s divorce information can now be completed within a few clicks of the mouse only. In this course, there’s nothing else that you must do than supply significant particulars about the divorced individuals and let the system do the task for you.

Selecting a dependable fee-based service provider online had shown to be the best method to take Free Divorce Records, painlessly and immediately. In contrast to those complimentary services offered by the government and a couple of websites, the paid version provides access to large repositories of your desired facts and allow you to grab the information right at your abode for a low cost.