Love is all around us as manifested by thousands of couples getting married in different places of the world. Despite the fact that divorce cases are on the hype in some regions of United States, there are still rising volume of couple putting their relationship into a next level. The Lone Star State is one of the many wonderful places to have your dream weddings became a reality. If you plan to be married in the state of Texas, your Texas Marriage License Records are included among the thousands of documents filed and updated by the government.

Marriage is defined as the lifelong relationship between a man and a woman. It is an active commitment wherein the couple plays their essential roles as husband and wife and responsible parents to their future children. The couple must have their marriage license before they are officially called legally married. This essential record permits the couple to live life together remembering the commitment they have made in front of the wedding officiator and their witnesses.


In the state of Texas, the residents are allowed to get a copy of their personal marriage files. The government has made such reports a public document. However, there are certain guidelines that must be considered in order to request such file in the state. There are two possible copies you can have and these are verification letters and certified copies of your marriage decrees.

The Vital Statistics Unit of Texas Department of State Health and Services manages the vital files registered within the region. This office assists the people by rendering good and quality services with the integration of technological methods. Residents of Texas can freely inquire the process of obtaining their own marriage reports from the said office. They can either mail a request addressed to Texas Vital Statistics Office or apply online by means of the online services of the said government agency.

Verification letters issued by the office will only indicate the availability of the marriage document within the state of Texas. If you wish to have the certified copies, it is only available at the office of the county clerk where the marriage was filed. Verification letters cost $20 for each request while respective counties of Texas have their varying processing fees. You can call the landline number of the county to know their current rates in ordering the abovementioned dossiers.

With the availability of technology nowadays, tasks and other appointments are easily performed. Work is much faster and inquiry of information is more convenient than searching one by one among the hundreds of files in the archive. There are online companies that offer searching documents such as Free Public Marriage Records. Authentic companies give results that corresponds the information you have provided for the search. Performing such actions saves you time, effort, and money in lining up at offices just to have the information you need from the mentioned reports.