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If you’ve ever caught an episode of The Biggest Loser, you may have been inspired to do a little pound shedding of your own. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing people committed to making a life change not only for themselves, but the people they love. And there’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing the pounds come off in substantial numbers for many of the contestants week after week, and nothing more tear-jerking than seeing how grateful they are to get their lives back.

Obesity is becoming an epidemic, and many of us need to make some changes in our lives so we can live to the fullest and set a good example for the next generation. Weight loss comes with many physical benefits such as lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, and mental benefits such as increased confidence and reduced stress. Both mind and body are important to leading a healthy life. By losing weight, you can improve yourself both inside and out.

But keep in mind that weight loss in the real world will look different from weight loss on The Biggest Loser. The contestants on the show are significantly obese, and therefore tend to lose greater amounts of weight. They are also put into an extreme situation that is designed to help them lose the weight rapidly. In real life, weight loss is a slow, gradual process, which is better since rapid weight loss usually leads to rapid weight gain right after. Losing weight shouldn’t just be about dropping the weight as fast as possible, but about making a commitment to lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off for life. You’re not going to be competing against anyone for a grand cash prize, so don’t rush it. Slow and steady wins the race here, and you should celebrate the small victories on the way rather than rushing for the win.

So watch your caloric intake and exercise regularly, and don’t sweat it if you’re not pulling double digit weight loss on the scale every week. Be patient and you’ll start to feel the difference when your clothes start to feel loose and you start to feel lighter and more energized. As you start to feel better physically, you’ll start to feel better mentally as well, and the people around you will definitely start to take notice. But don’t lose the weight because of what other people say—first and foremost, you are doing this for yourself. You deserve a long, healthy life and in the end, your efforts will pay off.