Worst: No. 1 Chicago Midway International Flight terminal (MDW).

Trips Postponed: 27.3 %.

The Windy City’s less-notorious airport terminal placed as 3rd for the most delays in 2012. A seven-point plunge has actually provided it this year’s trophy for tardiness. Ironically, the airport terminal actually starts the day with gusto, averaging a less-than-10-percent opportunity of delays for three whole hours. But things almost methodically deteriorate as the day endures (as well as on, if you’re resting there). By 11 p.m., your odds of leaving late go to 74 percent.

Finest Time Home window: Before 8 a.m.

Worst Time Window: 6– 11 p.m.
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Worst: No. 2 Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).
Flights Delayed: 25.9 %.

Over the past few years, O’Hare has worked hard to rehabilitate its rogue reputation: last year, it ranked at an almost-respectable sixth worst. But the hub seems to have actually fallen back right into its old ways, dropping six points in performance. By late evening, you can just as conveniently flip a coin to locate out whether you must start heading to the gate or trying to find a place to sleep.

Ideal Time Home window: Prior to 8 a.m.

Most severe Time Window: 4 p.m.– twelve o’clock at night.
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Worst: No. 3 Newark International Airport (EWR).
Trips Delayed: 25.7 %.

In 2012’s No. 1 flight terminal for delays slid one more two portion levels this year, thanks largely to the Chicago airports, which did even worse by comparison. On a regular afternoon right here, you have at least a 25 percent chance of wishing you ‘d picked among the various other NYC-area airports. (JFK’s total hold-up price is a less depressing 20.1 percent, as well as LaGuardia’s is a downright reasonable 17.6.).

Best Time Home window: Prior to 9 a.m.

Worst Time Home window: After 5 p.m.

Worst: No. 4 Dallas– Fort Well worth International Flight terminal (DFW).
Trips Delayed: 23.6 %.

The sprawling Texas hub lost six portion points in its on-time score this year. If you think you can outrun the five-o’clock crowds by leaving mid-afternoon, bad information: traffic starts seriously slowing down by 2 p.m. and does not grab once again until the following morning.

Ideal Time Window: Before 9 a.m.

Most awful Time Window: After 6 p.m.

Worst: No. 5 Denver International Airport (DEN).
Flights Delayed: 23.3 %.

Denver International– known for its art installations and quirky aesthetics– now has the added feature of occasionally making time stall. In the evenings, your chances of leaving late are 1 in 3. There is a bright side: its moment of early morning efficiency (fewer compared to 15 percent of air travels postponed) lasts up until a rather civilized 10 a.m.


Best Time Home window: Before 10 a.m.

Most awful Time Home window: 5– 9 p.m.